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Cost of a New Website in Dubai: Factors & Estimates

Cost of a New Website in Dubai Factors & Estimates

These prices are estimates, and the information below can help you determine how they are influenced.

A website in Dubai, like many other products and services on the market, has a number of elements that influence its price. For example, consider purchasing a Jeep Wrangler. The base model starts at AED 125,000, brand new. However, depending on the roof type, tire options, rims, seat quality, engine add-ons, and so on, the price can easily rise to AED 155,000 or above.

The most crucial question to ask yourself when developing a website is, ‘What do I want to get out of my website?’

Are you looking to use your website for:

  • Create awareness
  • Create a shopfront for your business to exhibit your work, establish trust, generate traffic, and generate new leads and revenues.
  • Sell your stuff online.
  • Once you’ve determined exactly what you need, we can design and create your website to fulfill your objectives.

Factors that influence the price of a website in Dubai

  • The number of pages on a website determines its size.
  • The number and kind of features your website will contain
  • The projected number of users and traffic on your website.
  • The technology for editing your website (the content management system).
  • Marketing features: do you require a CRM, email marketing, personalization, or automation?
  • Content. Will you offer the website’s content, or will the SEO agency in Dubai do it for you?
  • The price of your website varies depending on some of the essential aspects that comprise it, as well as how long it takes to build or implement them.

What technologies will be used to create your new website?

There are different technologies available; however, the most common platforms are ASP.NET and PHP. The debate over which is better has raged for years. We personally prefer ASP.NET, and this is where our team’s strength rests. When we create a website, we use ASP.NET from the ground up to match your brand. There are various causes for this, but I’ll highlight a few:

  • The website is completely customized for your organization.
  • Your business and its needs will vary, so the personalized approach is totally scalable to meet your current and future needs.
  • The technology used ( is built and supported by one of the world’s largest companies, Microsoft, so if hackers or viruses try to attack your site, Microsoft quickly releases patches and updates to combat them.
  • The size of your new website will have an impact on its pricing.

Size is crucial! Or so they claim. This also applies to Dubai-based websites. The size of the website will directly influence how long it takes to create it and how much it costs. A 300-page website takes far longer to develop than a simple five-page website. Also, with a large website, there may be interaction and links between pages, making the process more complicated and time-consuming.

What exactly will your new website do, and how will it do it?

A basic corporate site may simply contain 5–10 pages and serve as a simple online brochure for the firm, displaying the company, its people, products and services, and contact information. However, with these simple sites, poor design and overcomplication might cause customers to become confused. The customer would generally leave your website and go to the next option on Google, which would most likely be your competition.

The complexity and design of a website also affect its price. For example, websites that are primarily image- or text-based are developed faster than websites where every single page is hand-drawn or designed. Return to my earlier question, ‘What do I want to get out of my website?’. If all you want to show is that you exist and have a website, keep it simple. If the website is intended to exhibit your expertise, such as with organizations that provide branding services, a more artistic and creative approach may be preferable, allowing you to showcase your creativity and other vital skills.

The most crucial aspect of design is getting your website to accomplish what you want it to. Make sure the design allows your customer to make the transaction you want them to do, whether it’s to contact you, buy a product, submit their details, subscribe, etc.

The functionality of your new website will have an impact on its pricing.

Two elements stand out here: the website’s functionality and contact with external parties.

How the website works will have an impact on the price. The more intricate, the higher the cost. With e-commerce sites, you use the website as a shop. There will frequently be numerous product categories, goods, brands, sub-items, etc. As a result, e-commerce Website development will require a significant amount of work. E-commerce platforms also allow your consumers to create their own profiles and enter all of their information. Following that, the buyer wants to shop, so you’ll need a connection to a payment gateway so they can make a purchase. The online company must speak with either a payment gateway provider or a bank, so expect delays in back-and-forth interactions. Finally, when it comes to e-commerce websites, security is a crucial consideration. The website must be stable, and all transactions must be safe and secure; otherwise, you will lose your customers’ trust.

Other third-party integrations include connecting with your CRM or ERP system. Hotels and restaurants, for example, would like to integrate with room-booking and table-booking systems. As a minimum, you should connect your website to a database system, such as SQL or MySQL, which allows you to store information posted on your site.

Third-party integration might typically increase costs, but it also means automation for your business and less manual effort, freeing up your own resources to help you generate more money!

Editing your website: Content Management System (CMS).

The Content Management System (or CMS) is sometimes forgotten during the purchasing process, but it remains one of the most important components of any website. This is the method that allows you to alter or update information on your website after it has been launched.

The technology that might be employed for this is extensive, just like the platform’s technologies. Companies that offer CMS development include Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and many others.

The simplest method to address this topic is to consider who will manage the website once it is live. If the individual is really technical, one of the CMS listed above may be suitable. However, most of the time, your marketing or administrative team updates the website. These categories of people are often less technically savvy and prefer something straightforward to utilize. In this situation, we would create a customized CMS. A simple editor that allows you to change things by clicking on them. Easy-peasy!

In 2018, technology continues to advance, and the number of website content management systems grows. While budget considerations can influence the choice of content management system, organizations should consider the following factors to help them choose the ideal CMS for their business:

Will you need to add more pages to your website?

Do you like to maintain your website’s content and pages yourself rather than hiring an agency?
Will you require extra functionality for your website in the near or medium term? These may include e-commerce functionality, website personalization, and other marketing automation technologies.
A website development service can assist you in determining the ideal CMS for your business needs and budget based on these responses.

Website Development Cost: Basic corporate websites in Dubai.

In other industries, such as oil and gas, the new website may operate only as a shop front for the company. Businesses’ relationships with their consumers are frequently long-standing, and these relationships are employed solely to generate leads and sales.

Basic business websites are also frequently utilized when a firm is newly started and lacks the funds to invest in anything more elaborate. In these circumstances, the website may only be 5–10 pages long and have extremely basic features and functionality. The guide pricing for this 5- to 10-page basic business site ranges between AED 15,000 and 30,000, with delivery in less than 2 or 3 weeks.

Website Development Cost for Medium Corporate Sites in Dubai

It depends on some of the elements listed above; however for a 10- to 30-page website, it costs between AED 35,000 and 60,000. These websites may take significantly longer to design and develop, but you should receive them within 4 to 6 weeks.

Website Development Cost: Large Corporate Sites in Dubai.

The larger they are, the more engaging and difficult they get; thus, you should budget AED 60,000 or more for a more advanced website with more capabilities and interaction.

E-Commerce Website Cost: E-commerce sites in Dubai.

The expenses vary depending on the level of sophistication; the more items, the more expensive. If you want to develop Amazon #2, you could set aside millions. The cost varies greatly, ranging from AED 30,000 to AED 200,000, depending on features and license requirements. If you are thinking about creating an e-commerce site, go to a professional to figure out exactly what you need and how it will operate. They can also build it in stages to help you stay within your budget and to ensure that your products perform properly online.

The information below is summarized to assist you in budgeting for a new website.

Small, uncomplicated 5- to 10-page website: AED 15,000 to AED 30,000.
Mid-sized, 10- to 30-page website with little complexity and a conversion focus: AED 30,000 to 50,000.

Larger websites with increased complexity and features: from AED 50,000 onwards.
Finally, the website creation cost in Dubai depends on these crucial elements.
Website expenses vary greatly, depending on what you expect to get out of them. It is best to speak with a professional and obtain a realistic cost estimate for your job. Consider some important requirements for your web design company in Dubai.

Profile and experience in Dubai and beyond. Examine the online company’s profile and completed projects that are similar to your model. They’ll be able to tell you exactly how much each one is and why. You may also get a good sense of how they are by experimenting with some of their websites and observing how they function.

Fit. If a web business does not get you from the start, they are unlikely to do so by the end of the project, and you will be dissatisfied with your finished website. Make sure your web company understands you and your ideas; otherwise, you may not be a good fit. Remember that you are working on a project together, not against each other. If they don’t come across as a possible business partner, they’re probably not a good fit.

Budget. Tell your web business how much money you have available for this job. Most of the time, they are not attempting to use all of your money but rather to determine how they might effectively apply it. Good web design companies will have a budgeting mechanism; ask them to show you how it works and how they compute your price.


Communication is essential in every aspect of life. Communication in the UAE is difficult due to the diversity of communities, races, faiths, and languages. Make certain that your web design firm is located and operates in your location. If they outsource to other nations that pay lower wages to save money, you are likely to waste time (and money) in communication, and your project may be delayed and may not be what you expected. You may pay somewhat more for 100% in-house, but you will get the benefits of prompt delivery of what you require! Don’t underestimate the benefit of sitting face-to-face with people who are working on your project.


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