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Empowering Point-of-Care Testing with Portable PCR Machines

The demand for rapid and accurate diagnostic tools has driven the evolution of molecular testing, particularly in the realm of point-of-care testing (POCT). As healthcare professionals seek to streamline the testing process and improve patient outcomes, the need for innovative solutions has become increasingly paramount.

The Sansure Portable PCR Machine: Redefining POCT

The Sansure Portable PCR Machine is designed to streamline the testing process, providing fast, accurate results in a matter of minutes. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it highly portable, allowing healthcare professionals to conduct sensitive and rapid infectious disease diagnostic assays directly at the point of care.

Enhancing Patient Outcomes with Portable PCR Machines

The widespread adoption of portable PCR machines, such as the Sansure Portable PCR Machine, has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes. By enabling healthcare providers to deliver timely and accurate diagnoses, these innovative devices can contribute to effective treatment, reduced antimicrobial usage, and enhanced infection control measures.

iPonatic: Integrating Portable Molecule Workstations

Complementing the advancements in portable PCR machines, iPonatic has introduced the Portable Molecule Workstation, a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with the Sansure Portable PCR Machine. This innovative platform provides healthcare professionals with a complete, end-to-end molecular testing workflow, further streamlining the diagnostic process.


The emergence of portable PCR machines, exemplified by the Sansure Portable PCR Machine, has the potential to revolutionize the field of point-of-care testing. By bringing the power of molecular diagnostics directly to the patient, these innovative devices are poised to enhance access to sensitive and rapid infectious disease testing, ultimately improving patient outcomes and reducing the burden on healthcare systems.

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