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Numbing Piercing Cream: An Effective Solution for Pain Reduction

In the realm of cosmetic and medical procedures, pain management stands as a crucial aspect of the process. Whether it’s getting a piercing or undergoing a medical examination, finding ways to minimize discomfort is key. This is where MJS Trading Limited‘s Vel.Lido Numbing Cream 500g steps in as a reliable solution.

What is Vel.Lido Numbing Cream 500g

Vel.Lido Numbing Cream 500g is a potent topical anesthetic crafted to alleviate pain associated with various procedures. Comprising lidocaine 2.5% and prilocaine 2.5%, this numbing piercing cream boasts exceptional efficacy in numbing sensations quickly and effectively.

Features of Vel.Lido Numbing Cream 500g

Fast-Acting Formula: With its blend of lidocaine and prilocaine, Vel.Lido Numbing Cream 500g ensures rapid relief from pain, making it ideal for use before cosmetic or medical procedures.

Easy Application: This painless tattoo numbing cream is simple to apply, facilitating a hassle-free experience for both professionals and users.

Generous Capacity: Packaged in a 500g container, Vel.Lido Numbing Cream offers an ample supply for multiple applications, ensuring you’re always prepared.

Applications of Vel.Lido Numbing Cream 500g

The versatility of Vel.Lido Numbing Cream extends to various use cases, including:

Cosmetic Procedures: Whether it’s getting a piercing or undergoing tattooing, Vel.Lido Numbing Cream ensures a more comfortable experience by minimizing pain sensations.

Medical Examinations: From minor surgeries to diagnostic procedures like cystoscopy, this numbing piercing cream aids in reducing discomfort, enhancing patient comfort during medical interventions.

Skin Conditions: Vel.Lido Numbing Cream proves beneficial in managing pain and itching associated with skin conditions such as eczema, insect bites, and minor burns, offering relief when needed most.


In conclusion, MJS Trading Limited’s Vel.Lido Numbing Cream 500g emerges as a reliable ally in pain management for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Its fast-acting formula and ease of application make it a standout choice for professionals and individuals seeking effective pain relief. Whether you’re preparing for a procedure or addressing skin discomfort, this painless tattoo numbing cream delivers consistent results, ensuring a smoother experience throughout.

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